About Me


Aaron Moon

Capturing your smile, laugh, love, and artistic abilities fuel my passion for photography.  Each time I am behind the lens I seek opportunities to showcase the essence of YOU. From children, seniors, family, and weddings to head shots, fashion editorials, and the board room … I strive to capture “The Moment.”

Through building relationships with each client I am able to visualize the memories that will be important to you each and every time we work together.  This is the reason I am always humbled and honored when chosen as your photographer.

Residing in Atlanta, GA, I have had an amazing opportunity to grow and refine my passion of photography for over nine years.  Let’s work together to create a lifetime of “Pics by the Moon!”


The sound of my shutter,
Can every ounce of my being console,
This ultimate freedom of declaration,
Unequivocally makes me whole.
I want to share this gift of expression,
To all who will allow me to play a part,
To capture these frozen moments in time,
Showcasing love, emotion, and heart.
Viewing the world,
Through the eye of my lens,
Has provided me such happiness,
In which nothing contends.
I simply belong behind a camera,
Existing for a willingness to grow,
To give my energy to others,
And happiness bestow.
I am so incredibly blessed,
My life is nothing but opportune,
For God has allowed me to live out my passion,
Which is ‘Pics by the Moon’.